Sweating Solutions

It’s a hopeless feeling when it feels like you have tried all the products out there in an effort to treat your excessive underarm sweating, feet, hands, and other body parts. The good news is, with all the technology at our disposal, new and improved ways to stop excessive underarm sweating, hands and feet  sweating are being discovered every year to help you find an excessive sweating solutions.Excessive Sweating Solutions

We highly recommend that you use your due diligence when choosing a treatment for your problem. Additionally, please take note that we do not in any way intend to replace medical professional advice, but rather to provide information to support your search for a suitable excessive sweating solution.

Medical professionals, highly recommend that your first attempt to treat excessive sweating should be antiperspirants that fall under temporary solutions. Other solutions such as Botox injections, surgery, etc. should then be attempted after the use of antiperspirants proves to be unsuccessful.

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1. Temporary solutions

Solutions which stop or reduce sweat for a certain period of time and need to be re-applied once and then (daily, weekly, monthly, every six months etc.). These solutions include antiperspirants, Botox injection, and oral medications.

2.  Long-lasting solutions 

Sweating solutions that stops or reduces sweat up to 98% for good and are performed in less than three visits to the doctors with a few follow ups. Long-lasting solutions covered within this site are microwave thermolysis, miraDry, lasers, underarm surgery and sympathotomy surgery.

3. Alternative and natural remedies

Alternative and natural acceptable ways that minimize the impact of sweating. These methods normally do not require a doctor appointment. The methods and therapies include; clothing choice, reducing sweat triggers, wearing sweat pads, drink sage tea, drink enough water and more.

It’s also good to read about other peoples experiences and how they deal with excessive sweating. Maria blogs about her life as an excessive sweating sufferer on
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