How to Stop Sweaty Hands and Feet

Excessive sweating is a problem that quite a few people suffer from, and this can affect the whole body or be concentrated in certain areas. Most people experience this in their underarm area, but sometimes people experience this in their hands and feet.

Slippery Feet and Wet Hand Shakes


How to Stop Sweaty Hands and Feet

Sweaty hands are a real issue during everyday life as there are so many things you do with your hands. Opening doors, using your phone, typing on the computer, carrying drinks and food. The worst time for this to be a problem is when you’re shaking hands with another person. This can be embarrassing and many feel that it makes a bad first impression because it implies nervousness and feels unpleasant. It also isn’t really romantic to touch a loved one with sweaty hands!

Sweaty feet are also a problem. While you can always hide your feet in your shoes, they can also become slippery and move around inside them while you’re walking. This can actually be hazardous, with or without shoes. Also, when sweaty feet are stuck inside shoes and socks all day they can become smelly. This is because bacteria thrive in the wet and warm environment, creating an ideal breeding ground for them. This can be uncomfortable and can cause problems for your feet.

It’s only natural that you would like to learn how to prevent sweaty hands and feet. Let’s explore what causes this to happen, then we can look at how to prevent it.


Causes for sweaty hands and feet

Everyone sweats, but not everyone has issues with sweaty hands and feet. What causes this problem then? This is actually one of the most common kinds of excessive sweating, and it is caused by hyperactive or abnormally sized sweat glands in those areas. If the sweat glands are larger than normal, they will produce more sweat. In 50% of everyone affected, the cause is genetic and often first appears during puberty.

Anxiety and nervousness can cause the problems in others. This can be prevented by learning relaxation techniques and taking measures to feel more confident in stressful situations.


Tips on How to Stop Sweaty Hands and Feet

Change the way you eat and drink

There are quite a few drinks and foods that will cause your body to produce more sweat and odor. There are also foods that will help your body regulate temperature and better control sweating as a result. Alcohol and nicotine should be completely avoided, while coffee should be consumed in limited amounts.

Adding more vegetables and fruits to your diet, drinking more water, and avoid spicy food can also help. It is also beneficial to reduce the amount of salt and meat in your diet. If you have an important event coming up, it’s best to tailor your diet to ensure that you will not experience problems with sweating and excessive odor.

Visit the sauna regularly or get a mobile sauna for your home

Going to the sauna or taking a steam bath is like a workout for your sweat glands. This will affect your whole body, not just your hands and feet. After a while, you will notice an overall reduction in how much you sweat—including in your hands and feet. The high temperatures of the sauna teach your body how to use your sweat glands in a more optimal manner, which will make it sweat less in everyday life.

If you don’t have your own sauna, you can buy a mobile steam sauna. You can use it in the comfort of your own home while watching television!

Soak your hands and feet in water with bathing salts and essential oils

Tips on How to Stop Sweaty Hands and Feet

Bathing salts and essential oils, especially Thyme and Tea Tree oil, have a very beneficial effect on your skin and your sweat glands. If you don’t want or need to take an entire bath to control excessive sweating, you can soak your hands and feet in a solution using these essential oils to control the problem specifically in those areas.

You can get a foot-massage bath for your feet, or you can simply use a bowl to mix the solution in. You should soak your hands and feet for a while, and probably not at the same time as that might look funny! Take the time to relax, that will only help you sweat less as stress and nervousness are also causes.

Acupuncture and acupressure to prevent sweaty hands and feet

You can use acupuncture and acupressure to deal with sweaty hands and feet. During acupressure, certain pressure points on the body are pressed. In this case, these will be on your hands and feet. Acupuncture uses needles instead of pressure. They are inserted lightly into the skin, and the process is entirely painless. Many people have been successful using these methods and have reported additional benefits from the treatments as well. It’s worth a try!

Use rubbing alcohol or baby powder on your hands and feet

If you wonder how to stop sweaty hands and feet, then you are most likely willing to try anything that looks promising. The good news is that you don’t always need fancy or expensive treatments and products to deal with the issue.

Many people have good results using rubbing alcohol. By massaging this into the skin, it actually dries out the area and will effectively keep your hands and feet dry for a while. It’s wise to avoid scratches as this will sting, but it won’t do any harm. You should also avoid applying this to sensitive areas such as your armpits.

Baby powder is gentle enough to be used anywhere, and it will also dry out sweaty areas. However, it will have to be applied regularly and more often than rubbing alcohol.

Alternatively, use an antiperspirant



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