Old Spice Antiperspirant Deodorant Red Zone, Aqua Reef, 2.6-Ounce

Don’t be misled by the name; there’s nothing spicy about the feel or aroma of the Old Spice Antiperspirant Deodorant Red Zone, Aqua Reef, 2.6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6). On the contrary, it’s as clear as the summer sky, light like the air we breathe, and fresh as the season of flowers. It’s the mark of a man who knows how to leave a mark with his work, yet doesn’t like being loud about the way he smells. With a fragrance that’s
elusively attractive, this deodorant is a man’s protection against wetness and odor.
Old Spice Antiperspirant Deodorant Red Zone, Aqua Reef, 2.6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

Name: Old Spice Antiperspirant Deodorant Red Zone, Aqua Reef

Solution type: Temporary solution

Rating: 9/10

Where to buy: Amazon

It’s a product designed to exude masculinity without making any noise about it. It’s a deodorant with just the right balance of power and softness, and the perfect blend of authority and gentleness.

It will leave you with a sense of dominance without making you domineering.

It will add to your magnetism, with a dash of calmness to have a serene effect on all your friends and foes. Armed with this deodorant (quite literally) you’ll find every challenge crumbling before your feet as you move confidently forward towards your goals.

Despite belonging to the Red Zone of the Old Spice Antiperspirant line, it’s as likely to make you see red as a sage who has learned to take command of his emotions. The calming effect of this deodorant will make you more in control of yourself than ever before. In fact, you may even begin to feel like a changed man – more at peace with yourself and less likely to go off the radar at the slightest pretext. The calming effect of this deodorant, with its wide range of exciting features, is indeed amazing.



  • It’s designed to offer ultimate protection against sweat and odor.
  • It’s quick and effective in functioning and dries extremely fast.
  • The sweat begins to disappear the moment you put this deodorant on.
  • It has an invisible odor that leaves no traces on your body.


As soon as you start sweating, you lose out on more things than just your bodily comfort. Your peace of mind and emotional well-being also disappear as quickly as the sweat drops start falling. That’s where the Old Spice Antiperspirant Deodorant Red Zone, Aqua Reef, 2.6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) comes in handy. It starts to work even before your mind begins thinking of the sweat, and you’ll soon feel the sweat droplets disappearing from your armpits and a fresh dryness taking their place.

With this super efficient deodorant, you’ll find yourself smelling nice and dry for as long as 24 hours after spraying it on. Its fresh odor acts powerfully on sweat and smell to keep you feeling clean, even after hours of grueling work. You’re even likely to find people all around asking about what kind of cologne you’re using.

It’s wonderfully easy to apply with the help of a stick. You can use it anytime, anywhere, without having to spend precious time ridding yourself of the sweaty odor.



While it may be milder than many other commonly available deodorants, the Old Spice does err on the side of the overpowering. Its manly smell is powerful enough to signal its presence even from a distance.

Then there’s the problem of using it on sensitive skin. You may find it causing a rash or irritation, especially on broken skin. So unless you’re fortunate enough to have normal skin, you’d be better off avoiding this one.

The plethora of chemicals contained in the Old Spice Antiperspirant Deodorant Red Zone, Aqua Reef, 2.6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) are sure to have some long-term harmful effect on your underarm skin, even if it’s not the most sensitive part of your body. From aluminum to either to silica, there are all kinds of harsh elements contained in this concoction, which also means you’re likely to find your shirt getting yellowed out there.

And finally, there’s the price of this deodorant, which will make you think twice before going for it. For some reason, buying it online appears to be even more expensive than buying it off the shelves of Walmart and other stores. The price becomes a major issue considering that a stick of this deodorant seems to run out pretty quickly. The reason for this doesn’t seem to be clear though users feel it’s something to do with the way those chemicals are mixed to prepare this deodorant.



Naturally, it has its disadvantages. But then, which product doesn’t? For normal men with normal skin, however, the Old Spice Antiperspirant Deodorant Red Zone, Aqua Reef, 2.6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) appears to be one hell of a time-tested product.

Etched in the Old Spice brand of excellence, with a reputation that’s become more powerful than the brand itself, this deodorant exudes manliness without making it appear aggressive. From the feel to the smell, from the fast action to the long-lasting effect, this deodorant is packed with amazing qualities that make using it an experience in sheer pleasure.

So, unless you’re looking for something totally natural for your sensitive skin, the Old Spice is a great option to check out. Easily available online (you can check out Amazon for good deals), this deodorant is safe, despite the chemicals it contains. You really don’t expect any Old Spice product to be harmful, and this one isn’t either. It would be a good idea, of course, to test it out before using it on a regular basis, as you’d normally do with any product you’re planning to use on your skin.

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