Nivea Sensitive & Pure Antiperspirant Roll-On Deodorant 50 Ml

This product is for those moments that you want to make memorable, despite the sweaty odor that tends to creep in every now and then to spoil the party. And you don’t need to be a magician to know how to save the day when unbearable heat and humidity threaten to ruin it. All you need to keep handy is the Nivea Sensitive & Pure Antiperspirant Roll-On Deodorant 50 Ml. This pack of 3 is something you can use to ensure that the memorable moments of your life remain just that, and don’t get

Name: Nivea Sensitive & Pure Antiperspirant Roll-On Deodorant

Solution type: Temporary solution

Rating: 9/10

Where to buy: Amazon

With this deodorant, which is specially designed to fight perspiration, you can rest assured that you’ll feel as fresh at a late-night party as you were early in the morning. It works to perfection throughout the day, leaving you comfortably light and bright whatever the time. Well, you couldn’t really ask for more from your deodorant, could you?

But actually, there’s much more to Nivea Sensitive than just its long-lasting goodness. Supremely easy to use, this roll-on deodorant is so mild that it’s ideal even for the most sensitive of skin. And the glass bottle it comes packed in makes sure that there’s no chemical reaction to damage the quality of the product, even after it’s opened. Its freshness is there to stay, both in and outside the bottle.

Use it once, and you’ll use it again, and again. The super sensitive Nivea Sensitive is unmatched in quality and unbeatable in its results, without any unhealthy side-effects to mar its positive impact.


  • Provides mild and reliable protection from perspiration for 48 hours.
  • Perfectly suited for sensitive skin, it has absolutely no alcohol, preservatives, or perfume.
  •  Skin tolerance of the deodorant is dermatologically approved, and hence, safe for use.
  • Made of skin-friendly ingredients – chamomile extract and avocado oil – which leave no rashes or other side-effects on the skin.



The ever increasing pollution levels in the air are sure to have had many detrimental effects on your body, particularly your skin. So if your skin is becoming more and more sensitive and prone to allergies and rashes, you can more than likely blame it on the air pollution. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent the pollution from growing.

Fortunately, however, you can prevent it from excessively damaging your precious skin while keeping you well protected from the sweat and grime off your labor (yes, all of us labor in some way or another every day).

The Nivea Sensitive & Pure Antiperspirant Roll-On Deodorant 50 Ml. (Pack of 3) might be the relief you have been looking for. With its exceptional variety of features, it’s made to bring you long-lasting relief from smelly perspiration, without causing any problems for your sensitive skin. So you’ll find it easily lasting throughout the day as you travel and dash in and out of meetings without having the time to freshen up.

Developed specifically for those with sensitive skin, the Nivea Sensitive contains zero perfume, alcohol, or preservatives – all the things that can harm your susceptible skin. All it contains is safe and natural ingredients such as chamomile extract and avocado oil. So there’s absolutely no risk of this deodorant causing any problems for your underarm skin.

The fact that it’s a roll-on makes it quite the breeze to use. And what’s more, it smells as fresh as it acts – not too overpowering, unlike many other deodorants which work to suppress the sweat odor by their strong smell.

It is, in fact, as mild as a deodorant can get. And the best part is that it leaves no stains on your clothes, so you can use it without fear while wearing your favorite tops or shirts. It’s so dry that you’ll simply forget the thought of the drops of sweat you were perpetually trying to wipe away before you starting using this deodorant.

You’re also bound to like the fancy bottle and packaging it’s sold in.



Well, when it comes to the time period for which it lasts, 48 hours is a bit of an exaggeration, it seems. Most users don’t find it lasting over 24 hours.

The pricing is also a matter of concern. It’s really quite expensive, considering that you need to use it every day. Consumers also don’t find it worth the money paid for the Nivea Sensitive.

One serious grudge many people seem to have is that it contains aluminum, which means it’s not really the chemical-free deodorant it’s made out to be.

The product isn’t available at stores in the US, so you need to buy it online.



Nothing in this world is really perfect. So you’ll find the Nivea Sensitive also having its share of negatives. Despite those, however, it’s quite a good deodorant, especially in terms of its effect which lasts over 24 hours at the minimum. By and large, it’s been found to be safe for all kinds of sensitive skin. The fact that it leaves no trace of a stain also endorses the fact that it’s quite the natural deodorant, notwithstanding the traces of aluminum it’s found to contain.

The Nivea Sensitive is ideal for the working professionals who hardly ever have the time to freshen up during the day. Its effect lasts through the day, enabling you to go through your working day without stressing about your body releasing foul smell at a business meeting or a luncheon with friends.

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