Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Antiperspirant Stick, 2.6 Fl. Oz.

Somehow the name of this antiperspirant stick conjures up visions of breathtaking aroma, coupled with stupendous energy. The Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Antiperspirant Stick, 2.6 Fl. Oz. is by no account your usual run-of-the-mill antiperspirant. It’s made to subdue the odor of your sweat and to actually energize you into freshness with the aromatic pepper odor that goes into the making of some of the most awesome smelling foods.Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Anti-Perspirant Stick, 2.6 fl. oz.

Name: Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Antiperspirant Stick, 2.6 Fl. Oz.

Solution type: Temporary solution

Rating: 9/10

Where to buy: Amazon

This unusual combination of fiery sensations and soothing calmness makes it a wonder-packed product that will arouse your internal senses while exuding external calm. With its potent blend of sizzling ingredients, it will keep you fresh and dry all day long without causing you to get weighed down by the demands of your daily chores. And it will do that without leaving any dirty white residue to clean up afterward.

It contains antiperspirants to reduce the wetness in your underarm by blocking the pores. The spicy aroma is the result of the black peppercorn oil it contains, while the soothing andiroba tree oil has the pacifying effect needed to keep your emotions reined in. You’ll love the exotic smell of this amazing combo of ingredients – neither too overpowering nor too subdued. In fact, everyone in your vicinity will love it too.



  •  It has a balanced fragrance; the perfect mix of strength and softness to make you feel gentle in a manly kind of way.
  • Its non-irritant effect on the skin makes your skin feel soothed and soft all day long.
  •  It has an easy-to-use stick, which makes application of this antiperspirant ease personified.



Have you ever smelled that peppery scent that emanates through steam? That’s the kind of scent which leaves the nose titillated and asking for more. And that’s just the kind of smell this deodorant lets out – peppery and spicy, without being excessively loud. Yes, it’s a nice and distinctive smell that’s far from overbearing in effect, yet lasts through the day.

Not at all irritating for the skin, it’s worth the price when it comes to goodness packed in a stylish bottle. It’s perfect for one of your most basic skin grooming needs, particularly on special occasions such as weddings, including your own. So whether you’re getting ready to go to a party or a business dinner, this antiperspirant will keep you cool and clean, with no sweat to leave you uncomfortable and unhappy.

The dry feeling it gives all through the day is something you’ll really savor. With this antiperspirant to help you, you’ll never again find yourself wriggling in discomfort while trying to appear suave and sophisticated in social or official gatherings. It’s just there, like a whiff of freshness, without being overbearing.

And the fact that there are no flakes left behind in your armpits to mar this feeling is an added bonus. In fact, there’s absolutely nothing in this product to stain either your skin or your clothes, unlike what many other similar products do. It doesn’t form any uncomfortable lumps either – nothing, in fact, that a good scrub the next morning won’t easily remove.

It’s so effective that you can use it to dry out your sweat even while cycling or working out at the gym. Since it’s a pure antiperspirant, it will help reduce sweat formation rather than simply prevent the sweat from oozing out with its stinky smell.



One thing about this antiperspirant that you’re just not going to love is its price, which is exorbitant, to say the least. Users say it’s about 5 times the price of other good antiperspirants.

And the fact that it’s not available in stores around the US adds to the woes, forcing people to go online to buy it at whatever the price.

Also, you need to be really careful about how much you use if you want to ensure that it doesn’t smell too overpowering. Just two swipes are usually enough, and anything more is bound to cause discomfort, as far the fragrance goes. Unfortunately, however, even with two swipes per-use turns out to be quite a costly affair since the quantity contained in a bottle is really quite minuscule, especially considering the price. Trying to get more out of it is also a problem, as the bottle may break.


At the end of the day, you’ll find several people giving the thumbs up to this antiperspirant because of its amazing quality features. Definitely worth the price, they say. You’re more than likely to agree with them once you wear it for a day, seeing how the scent seems to improve over the day. The scent may appear to be a little overpowering in the beginning, but as the day progresses, smells really beautiful.

The fact that it’s not a deodorant to merely subdue the sweat odor, but an antiperspirant to actually reduce the discharge of sweat, enhances the appeal of this product. Nothing lacking in its quality, that’s for sure. And you’re going to love the package design too!

If you still feel the price is too much, just keep this for those special occasions that you want to make memorable. The special moments of your life deserve something special, and that’s something the Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Antiperspirant Stick, 2.6 Fl. Oz. definitely is.


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