Foods and Drinks that Will Make You Sweat Less

What you put into your body has a lot to do with how much you sweat and with how your sweat ultimately smells. Some foods increase how much you sweat, so you might want to avoid them—especially if you’re attending an event where sweating and body odor may become an embarrassing issue.

You don’t have to completely avoid these foods, especially if they are some of your favorites, but knowing what foods effect your sweat production you can make more informed decisions about how you include them in your diet.

For example, you’ve planned to spend a weekend at home alone to catch up on some gardening and recharge your batteries. You can eat as much spicy food as you want during the weekend. No one else is around to judge you for your body odor. If, however, you’ve planned a nice day out with your partner or friends, you might want to avoid the spicy foods and choose a salad instead.


What Foods, Beverages, and Substances to Avoid in Your Diet:


  • Coffee, alcohol, and nicotine are substances that excite your body and cause you to produce more sweat.
  • Eating meat twice a week or less if better for your body in general, and it will also reduce your sweating.


  •  Fast foods contain a lot of meat and salt, both of which cause excessive sweating. This includes Asian foods from takeout restaurants. These foods often contain artificial ingredients that are also bad for your body, and some of these ingredients can cause you to experience more body odor.
  • Spicy food will make you sweat a lot more than usual, so you might want to avoid them if you’re planning a night out or you’re going to an event where you want to impress people.


What Foods and Beverages to Include in Your Diet:


Drink more room-temperature water

Foods and Drinks that Will Make You Sweat Less


Many people believe that drinking more water will make them sweat more, but this is not true. This misconception happens because people will stop sweating, or sweat less, when they are dehydrated. This is not good for you! Your body will continue to sweat, no matter how much you drink, until you have so little hydration left that it’s not possible.



Drinking cold water will not help you sweat less either. Your body reacts to this by taking measures to raise your body temperature, and this extra effort will actually make you sweat more. It’s best to drink plenty of room-temperature water to sweat less. The more water you drink, the less your sweat will smell!



Many natural health therapists and alternative medicine practitioners recommend using Sage tea to prevent excess sweating. If you want to see results, follow this 14-day regiment:

  • Put three heaping tablespoons of dry leaves into a liter of cold water.
  • Bring the mixture to a boil and boil for three minutes.
  • Strain the leaves from the mixture.
  • Drink the tea at a lukewarm temperature throughout the day.

If you use this method for two weeks, you should see a reduction in how much sweat your body produces.



tabletsZinc is a common home-remedy that prevents sweating. You can get this through your regular diet by including foods such as whole wheat products, nuts, and vegetables. You can also buy Zinc supplements from a pharmacy.



Cold and cooling foods

According to methods used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), there are cold and cooling foods that will help keep your body temperature down. This will lessen how much sweat you produce as your body will not need to use this to regulate your temperature. The following foods will help your body regulate temperature, and they can be especially useful during those hot summer months:

  • Cold foods include bitter items, citrus fruits from Southern regions, raw tomatoes, cucumbers, and yogurt. It makes sense that foods grown in hot, Southern regions would serve to have a cooling effect on your body.
  •  Cooling and refreshing foods such as raw fruits, salads, peppermint teas, and green teas can also help you to sweat less.


Fruits and vegetables in general

Fruits and vegetables are generally a good thing to include in your diet, and they will help you to sweat less and experience better body odor—unless you put a lot of hot spices and/or salt on them. You can add sage to your vegetables and cook up something delicious that will leave you smelling great! You can make a delicious vegetarian meal out of it, or use it as a side dish.


Watch Your Weight


Being overweight not only has a lot of associated health risks, it makes your body produce more sweat. It takes more energy to carry extra weight, and it also serves to heat your body up—this is why you sweat more when you’re carrying extra pounds.



It’s also why some people tend to gain weight when first moving to a colder region. All that extra exertion and heat can cause an overweight person to begin sweating even when they’re just going about their regular, day-to-day, affairs. By losing weight, you can dramatically improve any problems that you are having with excess sweat and body odor.

Many of the foods that prevent sweating are very healthy for your body, and they will help you to lose weight too. You can lose a lot of weight simply by replacing sugary beverages in your diet with water, and this will also help your sweat to smell better!











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