Eleven Tips on How to Sweat Less

Sweat is a normal bodily reaction to keep your body cool, and it also protects it. Some people, however, sweat too much. This can be uncomfortable, and it leads to stains and bad odors. Fortunately, you can prevent this by following the eleven tips found below. Just remember, everyone sweats and completely eliminating sweat is not possible or recommendable. Now here are those tips:


1. Eat the right foods

Sweating too much can be annoying, but you can reduce it simply by watching what you put into your body. Some foods will cause you to sweat more, and can even increase the occurrence of body odor. If you sweat easily, it’s best to avoid spicy foods. Lighter foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are a lot better. These will also help to control body odor.

2. Wear the right clothing

Similar to choosing the right foods, wearing the right kind of clothing can help you prevent embarrassing stains and excess sweating and odor. Some materials may start to smell immediately, while others will handle the sweat a lot better. During the summer months, you should wear light and airy clothing made from natural fibers such as cotton and linen. Even in the winter, people who sweat a lot should not wear artificial materials that do not let your skin breath.

3. Reduce your weight

Overweight people tend to sweat more than individuals within a healthy weight range. The body has to exert itself more to account for the extra weight, which causes it to heat up more quickly. This means it also has to produce more sweat to cool down.

4. Avoid nicotine, alcohol, and coffee

These substances excite the body and can lead to an increased amount of sweating. This is why you should not overdo it with any of these substances, especially if you already have an issue with sweating. While nicotine and alcohol would ideally be avoided entirely as they are bad for you and have no health benefits, coffee is fine in small amounts.

5. Visit a sauna or steam bath

It may sound counterproductive to go to a sauna or steam bath, but these will actually help teach your body how to sweat better. This will cause you to sweat less in the future as the high temperatures of the sauna will teach your body how to use its sweat glands more efficiently. People who regularly visit a sauna have few problems with sweating throughout the day.

6. Drink a lot

Some people that want to sweat less make the mistake of drinking less fluids. They think that the less they drink, the less their body will be able to sweat. This is a huge mistake that can lead to serious health problems. Your body will sweat no matter how little you drink, unless you become seriously dehydrated. Since you’re not replacing fluids when you sweat, this can cause problems with circulation and other things in your body. Everyone should drink at least two liters of water a day and avoid or limit sugary beverages (which are also dehydrating).

7. Take hot and cold showers

If you want to help yourself sweat less, then you can switch between hot and colder water while you’re showering. Start by using warm water, then shift to ice cold water. This will help your body to regulate temperature. This trick is something people use during winter to avoid colds and flus as well. Many people have had good results with this method.

8. Partake in physical activities

While this might also sound counterproductive, exercising regularly can help you to sweat less under normal conditions. This, much like a sauna, helps your body learn how to sweat optimally. This means it will produce less sweat when you’re going about your normal life.

9. Take a bath with aromatherapy oils

Certain essential oils can help you to sweat less. Tea Tree and Thyme are good ones to start with because they help with regulating your body’s temperature. This is not only helpful for people who sweat too much, but also for people who suffer from nervous sweating. This is because the bath will help you to relax. The calmer you are, the less likely you are to experience nervous sweating.

10. Learn relaxation techniques

Sweating can be caused by more than physical exertion. Some people become sweaty when they’re nervous or anxious. Worry and stress can cause excess sweating, so anxious people would benefit from learning relaxation techniques to combat this. This will also help you to feel generally better.

11. Use the right deodorant

Sweat cannot be avoided completely. Even if you follow all of the above tips, you will feel better prepared if you use a good deodorant. Don’t go for the cheapest product you can find as these will often just make your problem worse, or they won’t really be effective. Do some research on deodorants and choose one that has a nice smell. It’s best to choose a product that will last a long time, such as a 24 or 48-hour deodorant so that you won’t have to reapply it throughout the day as often (or at all).

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