Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant, Powder 2.6 Ounce

Dove products are known for their gentle nurturance, ensuring that your skin is well taken care of and Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant, Powder 2.6 Ounceremains glowing and healthy at all times. One doesn’t know about the glow, but the Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant, Powder 2.6 Ounce, (Pack of 6) does ensure healthy skin, right there in your underarms where it’s most prone to the ill-effects of sweat and foul smell.

Name: Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant, Powder 2.6 Ounce

Solution type: Temporary solution

Rating: 9/10

Where to buy: Amazon

This invisible solid concoction has something which most other antiperspirant deodorants can’t lay claim to. It contains moisturizers to ensure even greater care and smoothness for your underarm. Packed with some of the most amazing features, this product is crafted to provide 24-hour protection from odor and wetness – just the way you want your underarms to remain all day long, without having to keep checking them out for unwanted odor or sweat.

One unique feature of this antiperspirant deodorant is the fact that it goes beyond keeping your skin irritation-free to actually help the delicate skin out there in your underarm to heal itself of the irritation caused by shaving. This also means it’s largely safe for sensitive skin, making it your perfect partner for all those special moments in your life.

The pleasurable fragrance is outright dreamy, to say the least, and gives the sensation of light freshness that stays with you for hours and hours. And your partner is going to love the fresh feeling emanating from you too.

The best way to use Dove Powder is to apply it on clean and dry underarm skin after a bath or a shower. All it needs is a swipe up and down each underarm two or three times with the Dove Powder stick.


  • It’s an invisible solid powder that keeps you dry and fresh up to 24 hours with its special protection formula
  • The ¼ moisturizer content in it provides amazing care for the underarm
  • The zero alcohol content in it helps the underarm skin recover from irritation triggered by shaving


The 24-hour odor protection of Dove Powder Antiperspirant Deodorant provides a perfect blend of fragrance and freshness. Akin to every Dove product, it’s designed to boost self-esteem while providing gentle, nourishing care.

This deodorant is for women, and also for men who cherish women and want to be part of Dove’s self-esteem building program for women and girls. So, if you’re a man, it’s your way of doing your bit to help inspire women to scale new heights of success.

Choose this deodorant for the soft and nurturing care that the moisturizing ingredients in it are carefully chosen to provide. The powder-fresh fragrance doesn’t just ensure healthy freshness, but also creates an environment to keep you enthused, whatever the kind of weather conditions you may be living, or working in.

You’ll see a marked difference in your underarm skin, making it softer and smoother, within days of starting to use Dove Powder. What’s more, this white solid leaves no mess around, nor stains your clothes.


Some users complain of a chalky white powder in the bottle and this stuff tends to crumble when applied on the hair of the underarm. That means your dark colored shirts may not be happy in the Dove underarm environment. And even your white shirts may get a little stained because of this problem.

Also, the sweating doesn’t seem to get eliminated completely but is only minimized, indicating that this may not be the thing for you if you’re really and truly looking for something to help you get rid of the sweat.

Don’t even risk using Dove Powder on broken or cracked skin as it can cause itchiness and burning sensations despite the natural smooth ingredients it contains. You may also have to avoid using it if you’re suffering from a kidney problem – better check with your doctor in that case.

You need to be really careful about where you keep your Dove Powder bottle. If a child inadvertently swallows it, poisoning may occur.


These few concerns apart, the Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant, Powder 2.6 Ounce, (Pack of 6) is an awesome antiperspirant deodorant for those who love their skin and like to keep it fragrant and well-nurtured at all times.

The amazing range of its fragrances provides a great choice for people of all tastes and desires. And, mind you, though pleasantly masculine, none of these scents are overpowering in any way. So nothing sporty, just a pleasant lingering fragrance that you and those around will definitely savor!

You’ll also like the ease with which you can wash it off in a shower – a pleasant contrast to some other antiperspirants which simply refuse to leave you even with a good bit of scrubbing. This one, fortunately, leaves no unpleasant residues after being washed off.

You’ll also find no wetness in your underarms on using this product, which gives what it promises – full protection from sweat and odor for 48 hours, without its impact wearing off as the hours pass on.

The fact that it’s less expensive than some of the other high-rated antiperspirant deodorants on the market is another brownie point in the favor of Dove. This gently nourishing product can be used equally effectively by both men and women thanks to its soft fragrance and nourishing care.

Still not sure of whether it really is the right choice for you? Well, don’t just take our word for it. Better go out right away and get your own bottle to try out the Dove Powder. Or better still, order it online, sitting right there in the comfort of your home, without having to sweat it out in the humid air outside.


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