Degree Clinical Protection Antiperspirant & Deodorant-Sport Strength

When it comes to your skin, you can’t afford to be anything but 100% sure that you’re playing it absolutely safe. The moment you start being careless with your grooming and care products, you start losing your protective cover. And with an Degree Clinical Protection Antiperspirant & Deodorant-Sport Strengthantiperspirant deodorant you need to be even more careful. Your underarm skin is even more sensitive than the skin on your arms, and thus requires extra protection with extra strength.

Name: Degree Clinical Protection Antiperspirant & Deodorant-Sport Strength

Solution type: Temporary solution

Rating: 9/10

Where to buy: Amazon

The Degree Clinical Protection Antiperspirant & Deodorant, Sport Strength 1.7 Oz., brings a high level of clinical protection while reducing the sweat and odor which you face from time to time—sometimes throughout the day. It’s made to provide enhanced protection from wetness and irritation. And it’s designed to give long-lasting hygiene and freshness to you, all day long.

Clinically tested, and prepared under stringent laboratory conditions, the Degree Clinical Protection delivers the dual function of an antiperspirant and deodorant with equal efficacy. The result is cool, dry, and fresh skin which you’ll be proud to own up to, whatever the occasion, and howsoever exalted the company. The moisturizing effect of this product provides total protection against skin irritation too.



  • It provides wetness protection of prescription strength, which means it’s a clinically approved product mix
  • It’s made to give long-lasting freshness that doesn’t get diluted as the hour tick by
  • It’s made up of moisturizing agents to provide a higher level of protection against irritation.
    It has been developed for providing odor protection for 24 hours.


The advanced Degree Clinical Protection Antiperspirant & Deodorant-Sport Strength,1.7 Oz., (pack of 4) is just the thing for those sporty men who spend more time out on the field, or in the gym, than at home.

So if you’re one of those men, you need to be sure of choosing the Degree Clinical Protection to keep you protected against wetness and odor resulting from sweat.

The protection levels of this product are continuously enhanced as a result of the body-responsive molecules it contains. This is called the recharge technology, which enables 24-hour long-lasting protection, whatever the climate, or your level of physical exertion and exercise.

This recharge technology gives the product a unique, cutting edge as it allows you to enable the maximum protection by applying to your underarms before going to bed.

Even as you sleep, in the comfort of your bed, the clinical plus formula of this product works to form a deep level of sweat protection, which continues to leave you refreshed all day long the next day.

Even a morning shower fails to dilute the effect of this deodorant. Though not solid it does dry up pretty fast, leaving you well dried up and refreshed through the day.

Since it’s very lightly scented, the product works without leaving a trail of overpowering scent behind. It’s as odorless as a deodorant can get. And the relatively low price of this deodorant, as compared with other products in this category makes it a real deal.


Though it’s quite effective and non-smelly, this deodorant/antiperspirant seems more useful for teenagers and boys rather than full-grown men. Evidently, it’s not powerful enough to beat the sweaty odor of big men. That’s probably because it’s really more of an antiperspirant, designed to combat sweat, rather than a regular deodorant.

Also, the clinical strength the manufacturers talk about doesn’t seem to be more than 1-2% over the levels of other antiperspirant brands. This claim appears to be nothing more than a marketing gimmick for the manufacturer.

There also seems to be some problem with the container. When you open it, there’s a loud click, which can be quite discomforting. Also, since it isn’t regular solid material you may find it somewhat difficult to spread over your armpits the way you can do with other products of this type.

Coming now to the fragrance, agreed it’s not overpowering, but then it’s not really a pleasant smell either. The scent of this product is more like the musky smell of a cheap deodorant rather than the sporty smell you may be expecting from it.

The white stuff it tends to leave behind on your shirts is quite a pain and difficult to wash off, especially from dark clothes.


Since it’s more of a liquid kind of stuff, the Degree Clinical Protection is quite easy to spread around your armpits even if does leave a bit of a white on your clothes. But then, what does a few flakes of white matter if the product you’re getting in exchange scores on other parameters?

Speaking of the other parameters, this antiperspirant deodorant is quite effective when it comes to providing protection from the wetness and foul odor emanating from your sweat. The most amazing feature of this product is the way it self-enhances its protective strength, enabling the effect to become enhanced throughout the night to leave you clean and fresh the next day.

You can easily use it, even if your skin tends to be somewhat rough and prone to irritation; this deodorant keeps your skin completely safe from such harmful effects.

The slightly musky smell it gives out will remind you of the traditional deodorants, perhaps the kind your father loved to wear. So you may well find yourself reminiscing happily about your childhood days and even relive those special moments as you travel down memory lane with its exceptional freshness.


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