Best Natural Deodorant for Men

Regardless of what alarmists say, the jury is still out on whether your deodorant cause’s cancer, changes your hormone levels, or leads to Alzheimer’s disease. A good number of standard deodorants have chemicals that build up in your body over time. Actually, some have chemicals that irritate your skin as soon as you use them. Some of these dangerous chemicals include phthalates, parabens, and aluminum.

Do you have sensitive skin? Do you want to reduce the number of chemicals you’re exposed to? If yes, then you can choose from the array of less-toxic alternatives, or rather, natural deodorants.

The best attribute about most of the available natural deodorants is the fact that most, if not all of the natural deodorants, do not contain aluminum.

The truth is that foul-smelling, soaking wet armpits will never score any huge points with your women or boss. Unfortunately, most of the antiperspirants on the market contain aluminum—as much as they do an incredible job of not only suppressing odor but also blocking sweat ducts, the aluminum they contain is highly harmful.

If you are looking for the best natural deodorants for men, have a look at the following best of the best.

1. Jason Fragrance-Free Deodorant Stick

This deodorant is free of any fragrance for those in need of a deodorant without any scent whatsoever. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have a smell, this natural deodorant does a solid job of ensuring that you don’t suffer from any stench. It is the perfect deodorant for those with sensitive skin. According to its label, this deodorant doesn’t contain any propylene glycol, phthalates, parabens, or aluminum.

2. Sam’s Natural Deodorant

Sam’s Natural Deodorant utilizes the might of tea tree oil, baking soda, and pumpkin seed. With this natural deodorant, you’ll not experience any strange oniony smells that get in the way of your 24-hour journey. The product’s formula also consists of aloe vera and pumpkin seed oil in order soothe your skin. It swipes on completely clean and dry. The deodorant is also great for tempering your sweat. Contrary to other deodorants that cause rashes on your skin, or irritate your skin, this one leaves your skin smooth.

3. Tea Tree & Blue Cypress

This natural product is a stick deodorant that gives a little bit of a pine woods smell, which you’ll most definitely find pleasant. Are you a recovering lumberjack? Then you’ll most definitely fall in love with the smell of this natural deodorant. If you are looking for the best natural deodorant to bring out the forest in you wherever you go, then this is your best deal.

4. For Pit’s Sake Lime and Clover

One of the best attributes 0f this natural deodorant is the fact that while it is somewhat crumbly and dry, its scent is certainly the best among the rest. It brings with it a strong and manly clove aroma that perfectly mingles with a sweet and light scent of lime. Using it ensures you enjoy a scent that resembles crunchy old spices. You can trust it to last it more than 24 hours. Additionally, it is entirely propylene glycol, paraben, and aluminum free.

5. Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

With this natural deodorant, all you need to do is rub to your armpits using your fingers. That makes it somewhat odd to apply but doesn’t reduce its effectiveness in any way. Actually, it stands out as one of the best and most effective natural deodorants on the market. This is mainly because of its thick cream that’s highly efficient at stopping the sweating of your pores. It also contains a mild herbal aroma that that is inoffensive and subtle.

6. Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus

There is no doubt that this natural deodorant boasts the best application of a bunch with its wet and transparent roller. It brings with it a smell that resembles that of a spa—pleasant, to say the least. Given its thin substance, it surely does the most when it comes to sweat stoppage. You’ll most definitely fall in love with gook-free underarms. With it, you’re guaranteed of smelling absolutely fresh and natural all day long.

7. Weleda

Weleda is completely devoid of almost all, if not all must-avoid ingredients. This glass-bottled deodorant sprays sage, citrus, and rose. According to experts, a rose is a natural antibacterial ingredient that comes in handy in the sweaty summer and hot days. Its lovely scents are certainly an extra bonus. As much as it is not cheap, the natural deodorant ensures you enjoy more bang for your buck compared with the comparably high-end deodorants.

8. Erbaviva

The Erbaviva natural deodorant contains amazingly few ingredients. Some of them include organic lemon, sandalwood, grain alcohol, organic tea tree oil, and organic patchouli. The lemon sage contained works excellently for both women and men alike. It also contains jasmine and grapefruit that is incredible and better for ladies. An incredible attribute is the fact that it misses all the bad stuff. It is clearly pure as well as quite tough. Use it today and discover its magic.


So clean, so fresh! Are you working up a sweat? With natural deodorants, you can surely remain dry and be feeling fresh. There is no doubt that with the appropriate underarm natural product, you can eliminate all the funk under your arms.

Have you used the same deodorant for countless years and are tired of it? If yes, then it is high time you try a totally new product. Just as bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, it is highly possible for your armpits to develop immunity to some or all of the ingredients in the deodorant you are currently using. If you have been looking for the best natural deodorant for men, choose any of the above products.

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