About Sweating Care

Sweating Care was started in 2016 to help people like yourself deal with the excessive underarm sweating problem better and choose the best solution for it. Solving your sweating problem will not only save you from all the embarrassing and annoying moments but  will eventually improve your overall lifestyle and self-esteem. To achieve this, I am going to share product reviews with you and what I have discovered over the years through my continuing research.

Should I mention something that captures your interest while browsing the site, you are welcome to  share your opinions on any of the content. I love and welcome feedback in every form.

Sweating Care Team

Founder and Author
Lora founded Sweating Care  in 2016. Lora has suffered from excessive underarm sweating since adolescence and is always looking for better and safer ways to control her sweating.  She remembers using deodorants instead of anti-antiperspirants hoping to reduce sweating, but did her problem go away? NO, her condition did not improve as the product she was using was addressing the wrong problem!

Had she known better? She would have made the right choice.

Lora decided to start this site  to try and share what she learned from her sweating problem with folks like yourself, all these in an effort to help those suffering from the same condition as her and make a better and wiser decision.

Guest blogs

Sweating Care welcomes guest bloggers to feature their articles. If you believe you have an idea that fits our style of writing and matches the high-quality of our work, please, fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch.